Skin Care: Expensive, but apparently necessary

Unlike some people, I wasn’t born with like, super good skin. My own grandmother has never had so much of a zit in her whole entire 83 years of life, and my mother didn’t have pimple until she had kids.

Why can’t I get those genes too???? I’m your offspring!!!!

Instead, my face is a dry-oily combination and for the last 5-6 years, my face has been constantly decorated with good ol’ blemishes.


Clear skin??? Never had one of those.

I didn’t usually care too deeply about my less than perfect skin. Quite honestly, I think for the most part I just sort of gave up, and it didn’t really bother me. I reckon the cause of my bad skin condition was part food, part stress, and sheer ignorance. My skin care regime until recently had been wiping off make up with whatever remover I can buy (the one I used to use is oily as fuck, and honestly was quite uncomfortable to use) washing my face with a facial wash cleanser thing and occasional mask if I want to. Then go to sleep, sometimes around 4 in the morning to get up at 7.

Until one day, the breakout was super bad that even me, myself, my unbothered self had to start to care. First, I gotta switch my facial wash. I usually used The Body Shop‘s Tea Tree facial wash. It had worked fine in the beginning but as I moved on to the second bottle, I felt like it didn’t work as well anymore.


The Body Shop, SGD 20.90

Then I read up, apparently you should switch your product after some time (for a broke girl like me perhaps when the first bottle is out????).

Second, I need to change my makeup remover. I feel like it has to contribute something to my skin, and I don’t think any more oil is gonna do my face any good.

So anyway, I was roaming around this mall after work, and I thought, might as well. So I was set to buy facial wash and makeup remover ONLY when I walked into The Face Shop – not thinking I was actually gonna buy anything, since I hadn’t actually decided when I saw.
The best looking skin care kit.


This Darth Vader won’t lure you to the dark side, unless you mean it in money sense.

The only problem? It’s FOR MEN.  Also kinda expensive. (For reference: this set is called The Gentle for Men, retails at SGD72. They also come in Stormtrooper for The Fresh line) But then, they also have Star Wars face mask, retails at SGD 4.90 each, or SGD 49 for a set of 10 sheets.


Kinda disappointed it doesn’t have Vader pattern on it


Actually kinda hurt to wear because of the foil

I am not too proud, but also not ashamed to announce that I BOUGHT BOTH OF THESE MASKS. I got me 2 sheets of Stormtrooper and A SET and one sheet of Darth Vader. Initially I bought one sheet each, but the Vader mask was so soft and velvety I had to get a whole set.

Anyway, after the initial straying away from my initial intention of buying the essentials, I finally got what I actually went in there for.

I bought The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover – which is apparently recommended for oily eyelid.


Recommended for oily eyelid

It retails at about SGD 14, which is a massive upgrade from my typical drugstore makeup remover (well, not really – those cost like SGD 9), but it is much kinder on my skin, especially for daily usage.

I also got foam cleanser, toner and moisturizer from Dr. Belmeur line.


is Dr Belmeur a real doctor?

The foam cleanser retails at SGD 17, while the toner is priced at SGD 31 and the moisturizer at SGD 34 – which is definitely not the cheapest, but I wasn’t gonna gamble with my face, okay? It’s enough of a mess I don’t wanna fuck it up even further.

I actually got some other makeup stuff like eyeliner and such but that’s for another day. Also, because the outlet which I bought these products from was going to be closed for renovation, I got an extra 30% off for Dr Belmeur line. Which is, of course, a steal.

For about two weeks now my regime consist of cleanser – toner – mask – moisturizer, and my skin has improved like, way more. Not to mention my makeup remover is a lot less greasy, and make my makeup came off easier too. My colleague was like, hey, you’re complexion has gotten so much better! and I was like, yea it better be, I spent a substantial portion of my pay check for this.

Honestly the only problem with being broke is that I felt guilty for spending, nay, investing this much money to care for my skin. But I guess sometimes you gotta spend a little (well, not THAT little) so you don’t gotta spend a hell of a lot more on dermatologist or some expensive facial treatment (laser? botox?) when you’re 77.


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