The Korean Skincare Experience

If you’ve been reading my blog (you probably have been, why else would you even be here right now?) you probably know that I recently went to Korea. Coupled with my obsession with trying to make my skin a little less shitty, the obvious activity while I was in Seoul was shopping for Korean skincare products.

Who knew this was just the beginning?

I think I’ve mentioned that skincare products in Singapore can be quite expensive, so I figured I’d use this trip to buy some of the products I know were going to be cheaper in Seoul. For days and days and days I browse through several sources, including what skin care regimen I should try, for inspo in building my shopping list.

Turns out, most of my purchases are just face mask.

Left to right: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask in Pomegranate – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask in Kiwi – The Face Shop Real Nature mask in Lotus – The Face Shop Neo Mild Soothing Face Mask – The Face Shop Real Nature mask in Red Ginseng – The Face Shop Real Nature mask in Green Tea – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask in Bamboo – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask in Strawberry

I bought about 80 pcs of mask (lol), and it cost me around KRW 50,000 in total, because it was discount season… something they called membership day? I got 40pcs from Innisfree in Itaewon for the price of 20 (bout KRW 19,200), 30 pcs from The Face Shop for the price of also 20 (KRW 20,000), and 10 pcs from The Face Shop when I was souvenir shopping at Lotte Mart for KRW 10,000 (50% off). I haven’t tried every single one of the variant, but when I do, I’ll do another review of the mask maybe.

My favorite purchase from the whole episode is this baby

Banila Co‘s Clean It Zero oil-based cleanser.

You know what this product is? This product is magic. I bought this one because I read that double-cleansing is going to change my life (or rather my skin) – oil-based cleanser is so important in helping to remove makeup, impurities, and even those oils produced by your skin. My good friend Amelia, who did a review on the product, recommended this to me.

This removes my makeup really well (yes, including mascara that is so, so, so hard to remove sometimes). However, unlike Amel, I do not think that it stings my eyes. It made my vision blurry, sure, but it doesn’t sting like any other product I’ve tried! You can watch Amel demo how to use the product on the video I linked above. If you have oily skin, you can try Clean It Zero Reservatol, or if you have sensitive/reactive skin, try the one in Purity variant.

I love that it now takes me like, one minute thirty seconds to remove every single trace of makeup from my face, rather than the usual… forever, with massive amount of makeup remover for my daily makeup usage. This step is typically followed by water-based facial cleanser. I still use my old Dr. Belmeur one from that previous post on skincare that I did.

Another habit I picked up (because I bought the product), is exfoliate twice a week. With what, you may ask?

NeoGen‘s Bio Peel+ Gentle Gauze Peeling in Lemon.

The tub contains 30 double sided pads. One one side is the exfoliator patch, which you basically rubs around your face to exfoliate; remove dead skin, unclog pores, and prep your skin to receive more nutrients from the next steps of your skin care regimen. The other side of the pad is the smoother side that you use to wipe your face, helping to remove and remaining dead skin cells and such.


here’s an ugly photo of me exfoliating my face

What I love about this product is though, it exfoliates really well – clears my skin and actually make my pores feel less clogged – but it’s so gentle that it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I now exfoliate twice a week; Sunday night in the spirit of starting a new week, and Wednesday night because yay, I made it to halfway mark!

Oh, I also bought this same product, but in Green Tea, for my sister. Can’t wait for her to try and let us know what she thinks of it!

Another one that I bought that I’m very sure I can’t find in Singapore for that price is this

It’S Skin‘s Power 10 Formula serums in Propolis and Syn-Ake (30 ml, KRW 14,000 each).

They’ve other variants in the Power 10 Formula series, and other than the two that I actually bought, they’ve the bigger bottle (50ml? 70ml? Something like that) for KRW 20something thousand. The lady at the shop informed me that Syn-Ake is generally good for anti-aging and wrinkles, whereas Propolis is better for pimple and acne.

See, before coming, I had been planning to buy the SynAke one because that’s what all the rage is about right now. But then I thought, the Propolis seems to be more of what I need… so I bought both. Personally, I felt like my pimple scar is slowly fading after using the Propolis, but with the drastic change in my skincare regimen, I can’t really pin-point which products work for what specific condition.

I decided to get the SynAke one for my mom, but I did get to try it because they threw in some samples for me to try when I paid for the stuff. Honestly though, I really liked it. Maybe next time I’ll buy more.

I honestly can’t remember what else did I buy or where did my money go (lol). I do remember buying a bunch of other stuff for people, though, for gifts and souvenirs and other types of presents. All I’m saying is, yes, this amount to a lotof money; but the thing is this: I do need these things. I would still buy them in Singapore, it’s just gonna cost a fuckload more.

So, you know. It looks like I’m gonna have to make a trip to Korea every other season. What do you think?


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