I thought I was dead

I just got off my Tri-Cycle workout with the Broc & Bells team. I don’t know why I did that to myself but I suppose it was for the best. I woke up earlier than if I had to go for work and head to Marina Bay.

I spent most of the morning doing HIIT exercises, mainly focusing on glutes… which naturally means my legs were dead too. I haven’t worked out in a long ass time, so I really struggled – never mind the fact that I do hate strength training to begin with (yes I know it’s necessary and such but it’s so tough).

We had to do like squat crab walk, which is terrible already, except at some points of the workout we had to do BURPEES which is like the absolute worst… although supposedly it’s like, the most effective too.

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ya no, I do not do the whole plank thing.

Josh and Nat from F45 gym were great, though; they were super fun and encouraging. Working out in the open space was also quite fun because the view was quite gorgeous. I mean sure, it’s hot and stuff but then again… it’s Singapore. It’s either hot as fuck or raining so I suppose if you’re gonna workout outdoor this is the better scenario. Plus the place has like, tons of trees so we could workout under the shade.

HIIT, while always kill me, is something that I used to do regularly and have seen work for me, so I suppose this session was really tough because it’s a huge shock for my body, seeing that I’ve not been physically active for quite a while and have been overworking myself at work.

I honestly thought I was gonna die during the workout and when it all ended I thought I was dead. Turns out I am still very much alive…. enough to do a walkathon to the yoga studio at Telok Ayer.


Then we got to Freedom Yoga for the last workout of the day and OH. MY. GOD. They have such a beautiful space. It’s loft-style space and had 2 storeys with the best locker/shower room and super spacious studios. They also have super comfortable-looking couches (didn’t get to try them cause……… sweaty), which, I guess, is not relevant to the workout but I like to point that out.

Something about the studio not having mirror is very appealing to me too.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The workout focused more on stretches, which really compliments all that high intensity workout we did in the morning. Elaine, our instructor for the day, was really nice and I had a really good class. I personally really like stretching exercises, and have not been able to go for classes, or just have a really good stretch in general, for a very long time, so I really loved that class.

I was so so so glad that I sacrificed that sleep to go for this sweat session. I got to meet a lot of people, and had a really nice time. The workouts were really fun, and I got to try new places (Hannah and I are thinking sharing a class package) and work with new instructors who are just the best.

So yeah. Not dead. Energized, and definitely would like to try again. 10/10.


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