I just realized, I haven’t blogged at all the entire year. Yes, three whole months of it.


A quick reminder that it is I, the human unicorn, writing to you.

So much is changing I cannot even begin. For the better or for worse, only time will tell… I must say I was quite excited to welcome 2018 because of all the exciting things I had planned for myself.

But like, you know… things don’t always go quite as planned.


I’m still going back to school this year. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least that one wouldn’t fall through, because at this point that’s the only thing that keeps me going heh.

With all the stress and such, my skin is reacting terribly, so I gotta whip out my secret weapon that cost almost a little too much for the small package it came in.


This tiny thing cost like, SGD20, but I swear without it my acne situation wouldn’t improve. I tend to not use it often because it kinda sting, but when it got really bad, it really calmed down the inflamed area and dries the acne.

I also realized since I ran out of my NeoGen Bio Peel+ Gentle Gauze Peel I haven’t been exfoliating properly, hence the clogged up pores etc, etc. But guuuuys, how come I can’t find it in Singapore???? Not even on Althea, from which I got SynAke serum at like, super cheap price – a total steal, btw, and that website deserves a post of its own.

Anyway, I’ve been going back to basic and use a crapton of Innisfree, that I suddenly got upgraded to their Premium member within the first month of 2018 after being their welcome member for 3 years.

tenor (1)

Money works wonders.

So anyway, to recap: my life was going great, then not so much, and then my skin decided to also betray me, and now I’m doing damage control.

I turned 22 in January, and I vowed to start behaving like an adult.

Let’s see where it gets me.


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