I thought I was dead

I just got off my Tri-Cycle workout with the Broc & Bells team. I don't know why I did that to myself but I suppose it was for the best. I woke up earlier than if I had to go for work and head to Marina Bay. I spent most of the morning doing HIIT… Continue reading I thought I was dead


On the topic of healthy attempts

Y'all now I'm trying (and somewhat failing) to be physically active but am so broke I can't always afford classes (lol) But anyway, I met with the Broc&Bells team a while back, and after missing their launching event AND their workout event, I finally decided to get my ass off the working chair and join… Continue reading On the topic of healthy attempts

Getting fit is sooooo hard: the workout edition

So this is a hard topic to write about, but I feel like I really want to. Getting/staying fit is so hard, y'all. There's a lot of effort that goes into consciously making those decisions that, nope, I will not be 57 and sick, or 35 and obese. First things first: gyms are so expensive.… Continue reading Getting fit is sooooo hard: the workout edition